Help Christina Series

Christina Mwamba lives in Zambia, Africa. She has diabetes, and it is often hard for her to get the medical supplies she needs for treatment. She recently had a near-death experience where she encountered a severe health problem related to her diabetes and her husband Martin had to walk for several hours to get her to the hospital. Martin and Christina are looking to buy a used car so that this doesn’t happen again. We are currently collecting donations through GoFundMe here.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you might be wondering about publications for submitting your writing. For now until February 23rd 2023, if you donate $10 USD or more to the GoFundMe posted above, you can also submit to us one poem, short story, or piece of artwork/photography, at You will receive personalized feedback from us and your work will be posted here under the Help Christina Series.

Red Rover Magazine is a free publication budgeted entirely on the editor’s dime. We don’t charge for submissions, we don’t accept money for the journal from donators, and we don’t monetize your work by running advertisements. Your donation will go entirely to Christina Mwamba and her family and we will pay any transaction fees ourselves. Consider this a fundraising drive with an opportunity to get something back in exchange for your support.

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